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What is the community respect policy?

The "Rate Your Company" service allows members to write clear, unbiased, and helpful reviews to assist other members of the Viadeo community in finding the company and the role of their dreams.

We consider reviews to be in violation of our community respect policy if they: 


  • Are unconstructive

  • Are submitted from fake profiles, or profiles unassociated with the company in question

  • Are off-topic or contain disguised advertising

  • Contain links to other sites, addresses, emails, or telephone numbers

  • Are discriminatory

  • Are offensive or degrading

  • Are defamatory or slanderous

  • Incite violence or hatred

  • Target specific persons within the company

  • Are too poorly written, all in caps, or in text-speak

  • Divulge secrets or confidential information

As well as helping job hunters and employees, your reviews also help companies to improve their working environment.



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